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The Spa Day

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

The girls are having a spa day. Gloria is telling everyone about the new man she’s met on tinder. She says he’s 6 foot 4 and a professional rugby player, but Deirdre thinks she might have “met” him already and in actual fact he’s far more cauliflower ear than beef cake.

Margot is confused - She thought tinder was something you put on the fire, and anyway her lovely Graham likes to make his own with fir cones and darning wool.

They are all in agreement that the rugby hunk is good news though, if only because Gloria has finally invested in a new one piece (the pink leopard print number is much admired).

Conversation moves on to laser hair removal. Tamsin (on the diving board) is on her 4th treatment and doesn’t think she’s getting value for money yet. The girls in the pool are all busily examining the mosaic tiles rather than the evidence.

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