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The Sister's Socials

Sister Agnes and Sister Mary are planning the Convent’s first foray into social media.

They know that Love Island is ruling everyone’s feed right now, so they agree that they will have to create some very compelling content to kick St Saviours’ metrics off in the right way.

Agnes would like to keep things fairly simple with an artfully shot Instagram post about the Sister’s magnificent vegetable garden. But Mary is thinking more Gen Z and has plans for a “pimp up your habit” type fashion piece on TikTok.

Their initial channel research has told them that successful influencing is all about negative space, horizontal verticals and foreground focus. They’re not very clear on any of that, but they DO love Nana Mouskouri, so they are particularly delighted to find her back catalogue in Reels and ForYou.

They also know that the best user engagement comes with clever collaboration, so they've walked into town together today to brainstorm how vegetable garden news and habit fashion tips might be best combined, cross-platform. They haven’t got very far.

It’s hot and humid and Agnes is getting snappy – doesn't Mary understand that sisterhood selfies are unlikely to sit well with Mother Superior? But Mary has a very different POV – she says she would like their social identity to be more “expressive & fluid”, so she’s thinking they should both do some flat lays. Agnes is nothing short of horrified – she took a vow about this exactly that sort of nonsense.

In a last ditch attempt to get Agnes on board Mary comes up with the moniker “keeping up with the cardigans”. She says if its good enough for Kim then it should be good enough for them. Agnes says she has admired the horticultural skills of Kim Wilde for years now, so she couldn't be more thrilled. Mary keeps mum and hopes they can avoid double eviction.

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