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unique vintage art for original interior styling


The most interesting homes are those where treasures are collected, curated and loved.

At The Vintage Art Gallery we do the treasure collecting for you.

We stylise and curate our finds.

And then we leave the loving of them up to you.


At The Vintage Art Gallery our passion is hunting high and low for simply lovely vintage art. We aren't antique dealers (and we know very little about the history of our paintings), but we adore trawling antiques fairs and auctions, boot sales and house clearances tracking down the perfect vintage painting for today's eclectic home.

No painting in our gallery is ever shiny and new - imperfections are part and parcel of our products. Every treasure is sold exactly as it has been unearthed - not restored or fixed or fussed over, just pre-loved and utterly unique. 

To help you envisage your vintage painting's place in your home we also spend time carefully styling and curating our finds - standing them on the perfect mantel or photographing them alongside our collection of props and curios.

Shop this site for your own original vintage painting - we will then wrap it lovingly and post it to your door.  


We also source and style to order for private homes or commercial enterprises - just contact us directly to discuss what you are looking for.



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